What people are saying about Claims Management Consultants:

"If it's true the squeaky wheel gets the oil, then she's the one to get the wheels rolling! Before we called CMC, questionable claims that were grossly mismanaged led to our company's mod. rate skyrocketing from 88% to 153%. Even with W/C reforms, staff shortages and high turnover at the insurer's offices made it impossible for our claims to get the attention they needed, especially in respect to crucial timelines. Enter Debbie Klein - Not only does she follow up on calls until she gets all the answers, her proactive approach of suggesting and requesting a wide range of processes (both legal and medical) reflects her many years of experience in the industry. The service she provided was an invaluable tool in regaining control of our W/C costs."

- Holly Brown, CFO; NV Landscape, Inc.

"Your vast knowledge of California work comp laws, ability to dig through problem situations and address critical issues in record time are great assets to any employer. I really appreciate your fast, responsive work. And your strong background in California claims makes it easy for you to communicate well with adjusters. You are a major asset to anyone with work comp claims problems. Being very conscientious, straight to the point, and working with a helpful attitude are qualities you always exhibit. Thank you for all the hard work, and much success to you and Claims Management Consultants in the coming years. "

- Ann Sanesi; ACS Claims Services

"Over the last ten years, I have had the experience of working with many so-called 'claims managers.' However, when it comes to effective claims management Debbie Klein is the expert claims manager. Debbie is committed to being an aggressive advocate for our company. Every claim, no matter how serious or how minor, is handled with a view toward obtaining the earliest possible resolution, realizing the greatest possible savings for the company, yet also insuring that the injured employee receives adequate treatment and benefits. Debbie works closely with the company, the employee, the carrier, and the medical providers on a day-to-day basis in an effort to get the employee back to meaningful work as quickly as possible. I have worked with Debbie for the last two years and within that time we have been able to reduce our loss-time incidents significantly as the result of Debbie's expertise in 'return to work strategies,' knowledge of the company's programs for modified duty, and understanding of the medical needs of the employee.

The tasks that Debbie performs for the company could not be handled as diligently and effectively by any single employee on staff. Her knowledge of, and ability to interpret, the work comp laws, her understanding of the 'system,' and her ability to converse intelligently with all parties involved, are real assets to the company. We have the assurance and comfort level that all claims are receiving the proper attention and that they will be resolved efficiently and within reasonable time frames."

- Dennis M. Hegedus, General Counsel; Orange County Container

"Debbie Klein and Claims Management Consultants came to us highly recommended by an associate. We got Debbie involved in several of our key accounts that were experiencing some claims difficulty. As a direct result of her involvement, our clients saw an increase in claims closure and a sharp reduction in reserve amounts. Our clients are very pleased. In addition, I recently brought Debbie out with me on a new account sales call and her valuable input and claims expertise helped me land one of my agency's largest accounts. Thank you, Debbie."

- Jim O'Donoghue, Account Executive; United Agencies, Burbank CA

"CMC has worked diligently to bring old claims to closure, as well as effectively manage existing claims. When an injury has occurred, CMC works closely with DI, as well as our carriers to get the employee back on the job with as little downtime as possible. This represents a simple strategy that will lead to lower workers' compensation costs. Thank you CMC for your professionalism and high quality service!"

- Kate Klein, Senior Compensation Analyst; Digital Insight

"Debbie at Claims Management Consultants has managed the worker’s compensation claims for Pacific Metal Stampings, Inc. for many years.  I have interfaced with Debbie for over 10 years and will continue to use her top-notch services.  Her rates are very low in comparison to the work she puts in for us, and she has saved us countless hours in dealing with clinics, doctors, employees, claims adjusters, attorneys, etc.  Debbie has many years of experience in managing claims, as evidenced by her knowledge and skill in handling overworked claims adjusters and motivating them to provide the best possible care for our employees and ensuring the claim stays on the right track.  She kindly makes suggestions to adjusters of better ways to handle claims for improved outcomes not only for the claimant but for our company.  Debbie knows the worker’s comp laws inside and out, and stays abreast of any modifications and the impact on the industry.  Her handling of the claims adjusters as well as the claims has ensured our experience modification stays as low as possible. Debbie fights to keep the claims reserves low as well as assisting with getting claims closed so much faster than I have ever seen, thus saving our company more in insurance premiums than I could calculate.  I highly recommend Debbie at Claims Management Consultants!"

-Denese Zuniga, Controller; Pacific Metal Stampings